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Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Ethos & Values


St John's Primary School is a Church of England Primary School which aims to value, respect and nurture each individual child.

We work hard to ensure pupils are happy in school and there is a sense of purpose shared by teacher, child and parent.

In academic terms we are pursuing consistency and quality. Our main aims as a school community are to Raise Expectations and Aspirations and to Raise Standards. We live in a world where results matter, and children achieve their best results by working and practising hard. 

We hope that pupils will develop the confidence to play a positive part in society, to accept its rules and try to help some of its problems.

We aim to develop a shared approach to our mission and values through work with the children of St John's Primary School during this academic year. Our Year 6 Children have started to reflect on what makes our school unique and are considering how we can move forward together positively with St John the Eagle as our guide.

St John's CofE Primary School is a positive, caring school where everybody is valued and every child is encouraged to achieve their best.

During our first assembly on 5th September 2016, the children and staff made promises to each other.

The children decided what the promises would be. These promises will become part of daily school life and are an integral part of our Behaviour Policy